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What is a Chatbox & How to Add it to Your Website (for Free!)

If it feels like everyone around you is adding a chatbox to their website, you are correct! The live chat market is in the process of doubling itself. As the years go by, live chat is shifting from a “nice to have” to a “basic customer requirement.” But meeting this requirement doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be completely free!  

To make sure you keep up with the times, today’s guide will walk you through the benefits of adding an online chatbox to your website and how to add it to your website – all for free.

What is a chatbox? 

A chatbox, also sometimes referred to as a chat window, or live chat, is a great way for customers to have text-based conversations with your company in real time. If a customer or prospect doesn’t feel like picking up a phone for support, but also doesn’t want to sit around waiting for an email response, live chat is the perfect solution!  

A customer can simply go to your website (or even mobile app), click your chatbox widget, type their question – and receive an answer instantly from an agent on the other side. These conversations are normally with a human agent, but also can be with an automated bot, like Comm100 Task Bot. Bots are great at resolving frequent customer service questions and handling multiple chats at once (known as chat concurrency). If the bot can’t handle the request on its own, it can escalate it to a human agent, who can handle the request in more detail.  

So now you know what an online chatbox is, let’s dig into the many benefits that it offers any team, company, or industry.

What are the top benefits of a chatbox? 

Delight customers with fast and easy service   

In our recent eDigital Consumer Service Benchmark report, revealed that less than half of respondents liked phone support, and just over half of respondents were satisfied with phone support. However, as we previously reported, a whopping 73% of respondents were most satisfied by live chat support than any other channel. It’s easy to understand why live chat is so popular – it’s incredibly simple and convenient to use! 

Customers can get support via chat while multitasking at work, while waiting in line on their mobile phone, wherever and whenever they way want. That means they might choose to inquire about a product instead of abandoning a purchase, or they might choose to ask for support instead of leaving for a competitor. When they do reach out for support and see that their needs are met and their issue is resolved quickly, they are more likely to stick around and give the company a chance. When they get this same experience consistently, they may even start recommending the company to their friends. 

Give more tailored support than traditional customer support channels  

Unlike email, phone or in-person customer service, pop-up chatbox on a website give you free access to deeper visitor data so you can understand your prospects and customers better. With live chat, customer struggles are no longer reserved for one agent or team’s knowledge. Agents can look through the customer’s previous conversation history to better understand who they are and what their issue is – and ultimately give them a more helpful and personal answer.  

Additionally, management can review the company’s entire chat history, segmenting it by various data points to understand the top issues that come up and identify trends. Since the entire chat history is automatically documented, management can also understand the logistical aspects of serving its customers’ needs better. For example, chat logs can give management insight into peak times for support, identify trends in customer support such as response times or ignored chats, learn frequently asked questions after a product release or update, or how specific marketing campaigns impact customer requests. These insights can then feed back into improving overall customer experience, helping to retain customers and increase sales. 

Free Live Chat Software with Unlimited Users & Chats

Free Live Chat Software with Unlimited Users & Chats

Chat with your website visitors in real time, convert more visitors into customers and improve your customer satisfaction. All for free, forever!

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– A cost-effective way to drive more profits without compromising quality 

Getting a chatbox for your website (especially a free service like Comm100!) is a great first step to saving some expenses, but it’s just the beginning of how much a chatbox can contribute to your bottom line! 

Firstly, according to Forrester, a chatbox can save you 17-30% of your usual phone support expenses.  How? It comes down to agent capacity. Agents can handle anywhere from 2 to 6 chats at the same time without sacrificing service quality (depending on experience). Conversely, can you imagine someone trying to have two simultaneous phone conversations? The constant request to “please hold” alone would send customers running in the other direction.  

Not only does the medium of chat enable more conversations to be handled by a single agent, but additional features built into live chat services can help to speed up customer service as well. For example, if you build a quality knowledge base (like the one offered within Comm100), agents can quickly search for the answer and send it directly to the customer without the having to type the full message out. Other tools, like canned responses or Comm100’s Agent Assist can help agents speed up service without harming accuracy or quality. With chats being resolved faster, companies can hire less agents.

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How to add an online chatbox on your website – for free 

Now that we know the “why” of adding a chatbox to your website, let’s move to the “how” to add a chatbox to your site for free. 

We know what it’s like to search for installations or tutorials and dread what will come up – long, complicated explanations that even an IT team would need time to figure out. Luckily for you, adding an online chatbox for your website is easy! You can get it done quickly on your own in a few simple steps, all without IT’s support. And with a solution like Comm100 Live Chat, it’s completely free. Read on to see how simple this process is!

– Copy and paste your free html chatbox code. You can choose what pages you want the live chat widget to appear, preview what it will look like, then publish it with a click of a button. 

– Have a WordPress site? Use a live chat plugin. WordPress offers live chat plugins that skip the need to paste HTML code onto your website – like Comm100’s Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin

– Customize your chatbox widget to match your brand. Different providers offer different levels of customizations. The Comm100 widgets we’ll link to below allow you to customize both your chat window and chat button. 

– Set up your messaging, including pre-chat window, chat invitations, canned messages and offline messages. 

– Set your chatbox widget to serve your business needs better. Segment visitors, create automatic chat routing and conduct post-chat surveys. 

For a more detailed – but still simple – tutorial, we recommend this article. For some platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, and Drupal, adding a chatbox requires specific steps. The good news is, Comm100 Free is available on all these major platforms

Wrap-up: Make an online chatbox your customer service differentiator 

Now that you can get a free online chatbox for your website, and you know how simple it is to install it, it’s time to get started. Comm100’s customizable chatbox lets you have unlimited chats from unlimited agents, plus access to email, ticketing, social media, SMS and knowledge base service tools – all connected within one easy-to-use platform. Try it out on your site today! 

Free Live Chat Software with Unlimited Users & Chats

Free Live Chat Software with Unlimited Users & Chats

Chat with your website visitors in real time, convert more visitors into customers and improve your customer satisfaction. All for free, forever!

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