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[RFP Template] Live Chat Software Review Questions

live chat review questions template

The free template details the questions to ask and the feature requirements to include in a comprehensive live chat software RFP (Request for Proposal). It can save you a considerable amount of time versus producing the document on your own from scratch.

In specific, the RFP template contains:

  • 38 general questions: Company Overview (6), Live Chat in General (3), Implementation, Support and Service (12), Hardware and Software Requirement (2), Security and Reliability (15)
  • 144 feature requirements: Recognize Visitors (12), Routing (9), Chats and Messages (35), Operator Management (7), KPI Reports (27), Branding (15), Internal Cooperation (7), Security (7), Integrations (21), Multi-Platform (4)
  • 12 pricing related questions and 4 pricing tables for different kinds of licenses or services

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Use of the Template

The free live chat software RFP template contains project related questions that most companies will need. However, you are free to customize or edit the RFP template as much (or as little) as you like to best suit the individual needs of your company. For a quick view of the most essential questions to ask, please read: Live Chat Software Review: Top 8 Questions to Ask.

The template is Comm100 proprietary and should be used only for the purpose of serving as a template for your RFP to the live chat vendors you are considering. You shall not republish it or use it for any other purposes.


The free live chat software RFP template is provided by Comm100 merely as a convenience and courtesy. Any text, wording, clauses or other content included in the RFP template should not be considered, in any way, as legal advice or to be otherwise legally binding, valid or suitable for any particular purpose or intent. The template is provided by Comm100 “As-Is,” and by downloading, modifying, editing, or otherwise using the RFP template in any way, manner or fashion and for any purpose or intent signifies your acceptance of these terms and agreement that Comm100 Network Corporation assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever relating to your download or use of the template.

Additionally, by downloading and/or otherwise using the RFP template for any purpose or intent, you agree to hold harmless and defend Comm100 Network Corporation against any liability in the event of any litigation, lawsuit, or any other type of misunderstanding with regard to any loss of income or revenue, loss of time or other resources or any other real or perceived damage or liability that may result from the downloading and/or use of the free live chat software RFP template.

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