Comm100 Live Chat Added Integration with Facebook, Google Plus, Zendesk & Google Analytics

September 19th, 2014 | Anna Cheung | News & Updates | Estimated Reading Time: 1

Comm100 Live Chat 7.4.2 will be released this Saturday with several exciting new features such as signing in with Facebook or Google+, Zendesk integration, Google Analytics integration, Drag-and-Drop file sending and more!

Sign in with Facebook or Google+

When enabled, your website visitors can sign in with their Facebook or Google+ accounts to start a chat instead of filling in the pre-chat form. You can see the visitors’ profile image, name and email right in the chat panel and quickly access the visitors’ Facebook or Google+ profile to get more information.
comm100 live chat integration with social media tools

Zendesk Integration

When the live chat Zendesk integration is enabled, your chat transcripts and offline messages will be automatically delivered to your Zendesk account as tickets for effective followup and management.

Google Analytics Integration

When the live chat Google Analytics integration is enabled, your visitors’ chat actions will be sent to your Google Analytics account as Events for you to analyze live chat’s impact on your user behavior and website conversion.

Drag-and-Drop File Sending

Instead of selecting a file from a popup window, now you can directly drag the file you want to send and drop it in the input box of the chat panel. Working for both operators and visitors, this can significantly improve the chat efficiency and user experience.
drag-and-drop file sending in comm100 live chat

Other Minor Fixes & Improvements

  • Directly paste an image into the input box of the chat panel.
  • Report on your website visits.
  • More flexible billing: pay by 3 months or 6 months.


Anna Cheung heads product marketing in Comm100. She spends most of her day in finding ways to have more people benefit from Comm100's products. In her spare time, she likes learning new things and sharing with others. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

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