Auto Translation and Screen Sharing Available Now in Live Chat Enterprise

June 10th, 2015 | Anna Cheung | News & Updates | Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes
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Auto translation and GoToMeeting integration are available in Comm100 Live Chat Enterprise now. You will be able to chat with international visitors in real time and share screens with your visitors.

Auto Translation

The built-in Google Translate integration helps you automatically translate chat messages to and from a visitor who speaks a different language.

During a chat, the chat system auto detects it when a visitor is speaking a different language. You just need to click on a button to turn on the translation.

After Auto Translation is turned on, the chat messages from and to the visitor will be automatically translated. The conversation is kept going while you and the visitor still type in your own language.

Both translation and the original chat messages are recorded in the chat transcript for your further analysis and follow up.

No more language barriers, you are able to chat with visitors from all over the world and get more business opportunities.

Screen Sharing and Remote Control

This integration with GoToMeeting enables you quickly create a screen sharing session, and remotely view and access your client’s desktop during a chat.

After integrating your GoToMeeting account with Comm100 Live Chat, you will see a screen sharing icon on your Visitor Monitor. When a client needs remote assistance, you can click on that icon to request a screen sharing session.

A pre-defined message I’ve set up a screen sharing session to assist you better on the issue. Click the following link to join me together with a meeting link will be automatically sent to your client. He can simply click the link to join the screen sharing meeting.

Note: These 2 features are only available in Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise.

Comm100 Live Chat Enterprise is an advanced edition that caters to the customer service needs of large organizations, with advanced features such as:

  • Rule-based chat routing
  • Automatic chat distribution
  • In-depth KPI reporting
  • Shift Schedule
  • Training & premier support

Click here to learn more about Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise.


Anna Cheung heads product marketing in Comm100. She spends most of her day in finding ways to have more people benefit from Comm100's products. In her spare time, she likes learning new things and sharing with others. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

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