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Take a Look at our Latest Feature Releases: AI-Powered Chatbot, Co-browsing & Shopify

What do Chatbot, Co-browsing & Shopify Integration have in common?

They’re all designed to help you make serious gains from the latest in customer service technology, allowing you to lead the way in providing a chat service that’s not only effective for your customers, but also provides opportunities for resource optimization both now and in the future.

Read on to find out more about how each new feature could help you!

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Chatbot with Natural Language Processing

It’s no secret that automation is changing how we work and live. From self-driving cars, to buying groceries through Alexa, artificial intelligence solutions help us to automate our lives. AI holds the promise to not only cut down on things we don’t like doing, but also to allow us to focus more time on the things we really care about.

AI in customer experience is no different, and if anything, it holds more exciting potential – because while there’s still a long way to go before consumer automation solutions are widely adopted, the opportunity to save time and cost in customer interactions has finally arrived.

While 2017 was touted as the year of the chatbot, it’s taken a little while longer for technology to mature to the level that it delivers on cost and time savings with no hit to customer experience. That level of service requires AI to be truly intelligent, using a sophisticated knowledge of language and context to deliver truly helpful responses to customer queries. It also requires bots to work in concert with human operators, helping to make human jobs easier as well as saving time and money.

Today, Comm100 are delighted to announce the next generation of our Chatbot, which ticks all of these boxes. This marks a major step forward in our Chatbot roadmap, and underlines our commitment to delivering AI-assisted customer engagement solutions that will help you to adapt to changing customer demands, both now and in the future.

Click through to our feature page to learn more about our new Chatbot’s features and functionality.

Ai Powered Chatbot


Can you see the drop-down arrow next to the toolbar at the top of the page?… Sorry, did you mean, what does the toolbar look like? It’s the big blue box underneath our logo… No, not the smaller blue box further down the page…

Guiding customers through troubleshooting using words alone can be a difficult process. If any of your query types include helping customers to use a section of your website or to follow processes in a piece of software, you’ll know that dealing with these queries over live chat can be tricky for both agent and customer to resolve. Query times can be inflated massively through relying on text alone to convey accurate, detailed and common-sense descriptions that any customer can easily follow.

That’s where co-browsing comes to the rescue. Using co-browsing, agents can view and/or control a customer’s screen with a single click, helping to demystify complex troubleshooting processes and allowing agents to take advantage of real-time visuals to help get customer queries resolved.

You can find out more about our new co-browsing feature by clicking through to our feature page.


Shopify Integration

In the world of eCommerce, attracting and retaining customers can be a hard task. Customer’s attention spans are short, and many of us have experienced issues during the checkout process that have forced us to click away to a competitor to get what we need in a faster and easier way. Those abandoned carts add up to a lot of lost sales – in fact, statistics show that as many as 80% of eCommerce transactions are not completed.

In the world of bricks and mortar, it’s not so tough to gain customer loyalty. You can give customers product recommendations face to face, find out more about their needs and requirements, and generally roll out the red carpet that gives customers the exceptional experiences that keep them coming back.

In the world of eCommerce, live chat is the closest tool that allows you to deliver that red carpet experience. Given that 44% of customers say that having access to a live person to assist with an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer, adding live chat to your store is a huge advantage for shop owners who want to see more website visitors turn into customers, and more customers turn into repeat customers.

We’ve launched Shopify integration as an easy way for Shopify web store owners to take advantage of the features of live chat which allow them to do just that. Once integrated, live chat agents can see a visitor’s shopping cart contents in real time, allowing for more informed decision making during chat and giving better potential for upselling and proactive outreach.

Click through to find out more about what our Shopify integration has to offer.

Comments, Questions or Queries?

If you’d like to find out more about our new features in this release, get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have, and show you how Chatbot, Shopify integration or co-browsing could help your business become the king of customer experience!

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