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How can Comm100 help your insurance organization?

Sky-high customer satisfaction

Boost customer loyalty

Speed. Accuracy. Personalization. Today’s customers expect these three factors from their insurance provider. Deliver this and there’s only one outcome – happier customers who want to stick around.

Shrink service delivery costs

Reduce support costs

Automate common and time-consuming inquiries with Comm100’s insurance chatbot, freeing up agent time and improving response speed – even while your organization and support volumes grow.

improve trust

Improve trust & connection

Deliver the digital experience your customers want while retaining a personal, humanizing touch with Comm100’s live chat for insurance with integrated video and voice chat.

“We don’t live in a patient world. Our clients expect answers immediately – they don’t want to wait for a response on email or wait in a telephone queue. With live chat we can provide them with this support. They ask us a question, get the answer they need within minutes, and get on with their day.”

– Rita Morris, Producer Resource Center Manager at Sagicor Life

Complete customer lifecycle management under one roof

Comm100’s insurance customer service and helpdesk platform connects every channel across every department, powered by flexible integrations, intelligent routing, and AI automation.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Real-time text, voice, video, file sharing, and screen sharing - all wrapped up within Comm100’s live chat for insurance. Deliver the fast, convenient, and personalized digital customer experience that is expected of you.
Chatbots & Automation

Chatbots & Automation

Harness the power of AI and natural language processing (NLP) with a Comm100 insurance chatbot, built to increase support capacity, improve efficiency, and deliver 24/7 accessibility.
Ticketing & Messaging

Ticketing & Messaging

Manage all your customer inquiries from email, social media & SMS from one easy-to-use system with all the tools and features you need to achieve ultimate efficiency.
Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Easily build and maintain unlimited knowledge bases for fast self-service support that doesn’t take up agent time, while also giving your agents accurate and consistent answers to share with customers.

Enterprise-grade security built for insurance

From PCI and SOC 2 compliance to credit-marketing masking, Comm100 exceeds insurance security & privacy requirements to keep your data secure. Take a look for yourself.

Comm100 security

Comm100 Insurance Chatbots

Leave the common, simple tasks to your Insurance chatbot so your agents can focus on the important stuff. Chatbots in Insurance aren’t the future – they’re now.

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

If you’re looking to automate your common and time-consuming queries without compromising service quality, you need Comm100 AI Chatbot. Powered by natural language processing (NLP), this chatbot software provides intelligent, 24/7 support that lets you increase support capacity without growing your team size. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Task Bot

Task Bot

Task Bots are simple to build chatbots with no coding or technical expertise required. They help you automate FAQs, book meetings, and capture contact information so your agents can focus on more important tasks at hand. And did we mention they let you deliver 24/7 support to increase engagement too?
Voice Bot

Voice Bot

Powered by AI and natural language (NLP), Voice Bot communicates with customers via speech through your digital voice and telephony channels. With this customer service chatbot at hand, call volumes and wait times will drop, and customer satisfaction will fly high. Give your customers the fast, 24/7 support they expect.

“Comm100 Live Chat has transformed how we support our agencies. With up to 400 calls a day, our clients were often put on hold for a considerable time before an agent became available. Now with live chat in place, we can instantly respond to every incoming query and give our clients the immediate support they expect.”

– Scott Eckstein, Insurance Sales Expert at Sagicor Life

Only with Comm100

lifecycle management

Complete lifecycle management

With Comm100 Omnichannel, customers can be seamlessly passed between channels, agents, teams and departments, and inquiries can be intelligently routed to the right person at the right time.

pull down the data siloes icon

An end to data siloes

Create a complete view of every customer by connecting your key systems together with off-the-shelf integrations and a flexible API. Personalization and efficiency at their best.

data you will depend on icon

Analytics you’ll depend on

Discover what drives customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty with detailed reporting and analytics that is easy to use, customizable, and omnichannel.

We make good on our customer service promise

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Join thousands of organizations who have achieved human-bot harmony with Comm100.

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