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Voice Bot

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The Comm100 Voice Bot is an AI-powered virtual assistant that communicates with customers via speech through digital voice and telephony channels. The Comm100 Voice Bot makes it easier to update, manage and automate the voice channels supporting your customer service workflow while providing 24/7, engaging support that your customers will love – anytime, anywhere.

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Put an end to long wait times

Voice Bot can handle unlimited simultaneous conversations, so customers receive immediate support. Say goodbye to long wait times, frustrated customers on hold and high drop off rates, and say hello to high first contact resolution and high customer satisfaction!

24/7 support is available

Your customers expect support on their terms, not yours. This means 24/7 support when they want it, not just during your business hours. Voice Bot makes this possible by allowing you to offer cost-effective round-the-clock support, so every customer receives the best service when they need it.

Better service with lower costs

The majority of customer service queries are simple and repetitive in nature – but they’re also time-consuming. Voice Bot can handle all these FAQs, so agents have less queries to field, allowing you to either reduce headcount, or give your agents more time to spend on other important tasks.

Connectivity you can trust

Voice Bot offers flexible telephony integration options for organizations using SIP protocols, as well as those without existing infrastructures. Whether you are a global enterprise or a growing start-up, you’ll be able to start receiving calls in no time with our advanced Voice over IP solution.

Personalization powered by AI

Voice Bot is powered by the latest machine learning (ML)-based AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). With this intelligence and built-in dialog management, Voice Bot can easily be configured to understand and respond to hundreds of topics, match those to an intent and be easily trained to understand more topics and questions. The bot makes sense of spoken intents and gives a contextual response with a voice of its own. Better than a traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, the Comm100 Voice Bot is easily updated and expanded, learns from experience and improves the customer experience as customers can directly say their requests rather than pressing a number to represent their intents.

Scalability and customization

With an intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder equipped with built-in dialog management and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) features, Voice Bot provides an engaging voice experience with a wide array of customization options. Combine Voice Bot’s conversation flows with your internal system and your bot can even recognize customers based on previous interaction data and customer history.

Voicebot solution sheet

Key features

  • Flexible telephony integration for organizations using SIP protocols and those without existing infrastructure
  • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text are applicable for Voice Bot to understand intents and response with the right answer
  • Set up intents of greetings, goodbyes, and others for a better understanding of conversations
  • Intuitive and code-free building interface
  • IVR menu is provided for better guiding of the conversation and larger work scope of Voice Bot
  • Random Audio can be uploaded to play for customers
  • Set up when, why, and how Voice Bot escalates to human agents
  • Conversations can be passed back to Voice Bots from agents to automate routine workflows and collect information
  • Easy voice response is available for customers to chat with Voice Bot instead of pressing on the phone pad
  • Collect information such as DTMF and save them to the variables for the next action
  • Transactional responses – checkout, reservations and more – enabled by webhook integrations
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