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These short videos offer a glimpse into what we offer

Are you curious about what Comm100 has to offer? These short videos provide a high-level overview of just some of the things our live chat, chatbot, and other solutions can do for your CX initiatives. Built for companies of all sizes, our omnichannel customer experience platform is feature-rich yet simple to use and manage. See for yourself! If you’re looking for a demo, check the top right corner of this page instead.

Live Chat Product Tour - Visitor’s View - cover

Live Chat Product Tour - Visitor’s View: How your web visitors will experience chatting with you

See what your web visitors will see when they are browsing your website and live chatting with you. This will cover chat experience customization, pre- and post-chat surveys, and more in this 8-minute tour of Comm100’s live chat from the visitor’s perspective.

Live Chat Product Tour - Agent’s View - cover

Live Chat Product Tour - Agent’s View: Good experiences don’t stop with web visitors

Your agents are on the frontlines with your web visitors. To wow your customers, your agents need a robust feature set that’s easy to use. This 8-minute tour of Comm100’s live chat from the agent’s perspective sets you in your agent’s shoes and shows you a sliver of their day-to-day.

Live Chat Product Tour - Admin’s View - cover

Live Chat Product Tour - Admin’s View: Behind the scenes in Comm100’s live chat admin

In order to give your web visitors amazing experiences through chat, your chat platform needs to have powerful configurability and be easy for your admin to learn and use. Take a seat in the admin chair as we take you through an 8-minute tour under the hood of Comm100’s live chat that makes the magic happen.

Ticketing & Messaging Product Tour - cover

Ticketing & Messaging Product Tour: Email, Social Media and SMS

Watch this video to find out how you can connect all your key ticketing & messaging channels within one easy to use system, including email, social media and SMS.

AI Chatbot Product Tour - cover

AI Chatbot Product Tour: Comm100 AI Chatbot delivers great experiences

When it comes to automating customer service with AI, you want a chatbot that has what it takes to handle whatever your customers throw at it. Sign up for this 10-minute walkthrough of Comm100’s AI chatbot to see what our bot can do, how it’s built, and why your web visitors will love it.

Agent Assist Product Tour - cover

Agent Assist Product Tour: Meet your agents’ new best friend

When your team has accurate and up-to-date answers available with one click, it’s hard to know who’s happier – your team or your customers! Take a tour of Comm100 Agent Assist to see why it will put an end to information hunting and allow your agents to spend more time caring for customers.

See Comm100 Omnichannel Customer Engagement in Action - cover

See Comm100 Omnichannel Customer Engagement in Action

Comm100 Omnichannel is a customer engagement platform that connects every customer service channel into a single console. Watch this 10-minute walk-through of Comm100 Omnichannel and how it improves service efficiency and quality.

Task Bot In Action Cover

Task Bot Product Tour: 24/7 automation with no coding

Discover how Task Bots make your website more engaging, reduce mundane customer service work, and help you capture more leads – all while delivering 24/7 support with zero coding.

Telephony Integration Cover

Telephony Integration Product Tour: Deliver the full omnichannel experience

Comm100’s platform integrates within telephony systems so agents can handle calls and chats from a single, unified interface. Deliver the omnichannel experience your customers expect – efficiently and cost-effectively with Comm100.

Magento Integration Cover

Magento Integration Product Tour: Support customers through their entire journey

Combine the power of live chat with real-time data from your Magento storefront, helping your team personalize their service and proactively reach out to shoppers at critical points in the buying journey to reduce cart abandonment.