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Chat Transcripts

Comm100 Live Chat keeps a full record of chat transcripts. You can easily access them in your live chat account, send them in an email, export them to your local drive, and more.

The ability to review and analyze transcripts meant counseling standards are kept consistently high regardless of where the volunteer was physically located.

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Lauren Smolar, Helpline Manager, National Eating Disorders Association

Comm100 Live Chat Chat Transcript

Complete Chat Transcript and Visitor Information

The chat transcript shows not only the chat dialog, but also the customer rating, agent wrap-up, and visitor information. Visitor information includes contact details, geographic information, source, navigation behavior, and custom variables captured from your web pages. Screenshots and files transferred during a chat will all be saved as attachments to the chat transcript.

Comm100 Live Chat Email Chat

Export/Email Chat Transcripts — Agents

Chat transcripts can be exported to your local drive or sent to designated emails either automatically or manually as needed, such as for follow-ups or case sharing. You can also send a chat transcript to the visitor you chatted with upon request.

download email print chat transcripts

Download/Email/Print Chat Transcripts — Visitors

You can give visitors the option to print or have their chat transcripts sent to a designated email. Visitors can also download a PDF version of the chat transcript after the chat has ended.

Comm100 Live Chat Search Chat Transcript

Search Transcripts

Chat transcripts can be searched by time range, department, agent, rating score, keywords, visitor segment, as well as the information provided in pre-chat, post-chat, agent wrap-up, etc. It’s simple and straightforward to find what you’re looking for with our search feature.

Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Interaction History

Check Visitor’s Past Interactions

All chats with and messages from an individual visitor are put together chronologically so that you can easily understand the past interactions between the visitor and your company.

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