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Comm100’s customer service software is fully PCI DSS compliant so you can be confident that your customers’ sensitive data is secure no matter what channel it is shared on. PCI DSS denotes the highest degree of security for organizations that handle cardholder data.

PCI DSS compliance is just one of the strict security measures Comm100 has in place that govern our software development, deployment, and operations. Learn about our other security compliances.

PCI DSS live chat

Mask credit card numbers

When helping your customers place an order or deal with a billing issue, your agents may need to ask a customer for their credit card information. Comm100’s credit card masking feature automatically hides credit card numbers that are shared between visitors and agents via live chat, email, social media and SMS so their sensitive data is kept safe.

PCI DSS live chat

Secure your forms

With our PCI DSS compliant Secure Form, customers’ sensitive information is collected, processed, stored, and transmitted in accordance with the PCI DSS rules. If sensitive data is passed between the agent and customer, when the chat session ends, both parties cannot access the data from then on, including within chat transcripts. This ensures our customers can abide by the Access Control principles and deliver PCI DSS compliant live chat.

PCI DSS live chat

Protect your passwords

Routers, modems, point of sale (POS) systems, and other third-party products are too often prone to vulnerabilities. Comm100 protects your passwords by authenticating them via HTTPS and by storing them in databases that are kept private through irreversible encryption. Password complexity standards, CAPTCHA, and account lock-outs are also used to prevent malicious attacks.

PCI DSS live chat

Manage and restrict access

Our PCI DSS compliant system lets you manage access to sensitive data with role-based permission management and customizable settings. This limits the actions agents can take and gives access to specific employees and teams. The PCI DSS compliant Secure Form also validates agent authorization before delivering visitors’ sensitive data.

PCI DSS live chat

Keep viruses out of the picture

For your systems to be resistant to viruses, it is critical to have an up-to-date antivirus and malware solution that is suitable for your industry. This is why Comm100 Live Chat’s threat protection is securely implemented system-wide. All staff members with access to the production environment also have industry-leading threat protection on their PCs to ensure PCI complaint live chat.

PCI DSS live chat

Rest firewall-assured

As the first line of defense against unauthorized access to private data, firewalls are required for PCI DSS compliance. Comm100 validates all incoming customer requests through a third-party firewall, ensuring that only legitimate chat requests are accepted. This prevents the security of the host website from being compromised, and blocks foreign or unknown entities from getting a hold of secure information.

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