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Maryland, United States

Comm100 Live Chat and Chatbot

Comm100 customer
January 2020

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The Background

In 2020, IMAGINiT Technlogies was looking to switch live chat providers to gain more functionality, adopt more automation, and improve the client experience. IMAGINiT chose to partner with Comm100, adopting both their live chat and AI chatbot software. Within the first year, they achieved a ROI of 1683% driven by greater efficiency and sales generated.

Watch the video for the full customer story to hear from Jana Gauvey, Marketing Operations Program Manager for Rand Worldwide, the parent company of IMAGINiT. Alternatively, read the highlights below.

The Company

IMAGINiT Technologies, a division of Rand Worldwide, is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and technology company serving design and engineering professionals in Canada and the United States. IMAGINiT helps architects and engineers become more proficient in the use of 3D technologies to design, develop and manage complex engineering projects faster and more cost-effectively.

The Challenge

For many years, IMAGINiT has been using live chat software to drive sales and provide superior client experience; firstly with LivePerson and then with Olark.

However, neither solution offered them the level and intelligence of in-house automation that they knew they needed to drive greater efficiency and optimize the buyer journey. It was crucial for them to adopt automation because they were switching to a smaller support team. They knew that they needed to introduce chatbots to be able to offer the same high level of service and support with less agents.

As a result, they began vetting other companies to identify a vendor that could deliver this, alongside a strong live chat solution.

The Solution

After thorough research, IMAGINiT switched from Olark to Comm100 for live chat and chatbot. A key reason behind choosing Comm100 was it AI chatbot. Comm100 Chatbot is an in-house AI bot that can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud and can manage up to 80% of all queries.

The team also required a Salesforce integration to automate data processes, which Comm100 offers. Overall, Jana Gauvey explained that the overall “versatility, robustness, and user-friendly back-end of Comm100’s platform” was pivotal in their choice.

The customer advocacy team runs Comm100 Live Chat, answering inquiries from customers to deliver great CX and build customer loyalty, and from prospects to answer their product questions and drive sales. In the first year of using Comm100, they generated a 1683% ROI on live chat.

Comm100 Live Chat’s reporting capabilities are also key to the team’s success. Comm100 offers a range of pre-built and custom reports to help evaluate agent performance, manage shifts, monitor chat quality and gauge customer satisfaction for both real time and long-term planning.

The reporting system within Comm100 is great. I can easily get in, find out the data I need and keep track on the team’s performance. I look at chat conversion rate, what pages they’re chatting with us on, opportunities, and so much more. It’s really great information for us to have.

Jana Gauvey, Marketing Operations Program Manager, Rand Worldwide (parent company of IMAGINiT Technologies)

The team also benefits from Agent Assist too, an AI-powered agent tool. When a customer asks a question, Agent Assist offers answers to the agent, who can then simply click the most suitable response. This saves agent time as they don’t need to type or search for the answer. It also improves CX as the customer receives even faster support.

The Next Stage – Introducing Automation

After making internal operational changes, IMAGINiT reduced the number of agents manning live chat inquiries. It was therefore crucial for them to adopt chatbots in order to ensure that their customers still received fast support and low wait times. To this end, IMAGINiT built three chatbots to manage three areas of support where they received frequent and time-consuming inquiries:

1. Support chatbot
This bot handles common inquiries regarding IMAGINiT’s IT support offering. The bot answers the visitor’s question and funnels them down the appropriate path depending on whether they have a contract with them or are interested in signing up.

2. Training chatbot
The live chat team receives common and simple questions about their training classes, such as how much they cost and where can they sign up. This bot answers these FAQs without any human involvement, allowing their agents to spend time on more valuable queries, such as sales questions.

3. Product chatbot
Some of IMAGINiT’s lower cost products can be purchased online. For visitors enquiring about these products, this bot answers their questions and guides them to purchase, driving sales without any human interaction.

Comm100 built the chatbots for the team based on the workflows and goals that Jana provided. They then trained Jana on the backend so she knew how to make adjustments and updates herself.

The Comm100 team has been awesome... I really like having a dedicated person for customer support so I can so easily and quickly get an answer to my question.

Jana Gauvey, Marketing Operations Program Manager, Rand Worldwide


In the coming year, IMAGINiT and its parent company, Rand Worldwide, are planning to deploy more Comm100 Chatbots into other departments to bring efficiency to other areas of the business. They too are planning on integrating their knowledge base portal within Comm100 Chatbot to increase self-serve and reduce reliance on agents.

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