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Why settle for less?

Here’s why colleges are switching from Mainstay to Comm100.

Powered by OpenAI – the most advanced chatbot tech

Comm100: Fueled by OpenAI’s cutting-edge tech, our AI bot excels in generating accurate, context-aware answers – and setup needs no coding or technical knowledge.

Mainstay: Does not benefit from the advanced integration capabilities provided by OpenAI.

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"Comm100 has dramatically increased our capacity and so transformed the student experience.”

Terina Mailer, Manager, Academic & Career Advising, UBC Okanagan

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Exemplary security & compliance for Higher Ed

Comm100: Comm100 offers unmatched security & compliance to provide higher education with the most secure communication platform that safeguards your and your students’ data.

Mainstay: Limited scope of compliance in comparison.

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“Our IT team ran a security review of a range of vendors and Comm100 came out on top. They ticked all the boxes.”

Darren Mundt, Manager of IT Operations, Co-op and Career Services, Carleton University

Insightful reporting

Comm100: Empower your decisions and strategies with deep and accessible analytics to continuously improve student services, satisfaction and outcomes.

Mainstay: Offers limited data, hindering your ability to optimize service efficiency.

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“I never thought we would get so much useful and insightful data from live chat.”

Sue Rolland, General Manager, Deakin University’s Student Association

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Omnichannel Convenience

Comm100: Our platform seamlessly connects all student communication channels into one comprehensive solution – 1 vendor, 1 platform, no more app switching.

Mainstay: More confined selection of communication channels.

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"The beauty of Comm100 is that every channel can be connected into one platform."

Lachlan Todd, Communications & Systems Coordinator, Future Students, Thompson Rivers University

Higher Ed outcomes with Comm100

Increase student satisfaction

Increase student satisfaction

The chatbot's precise comprehension of complex inquiries and website details boosts student satisfaction by delivering prompt and relevant information, reducing frustration and enhancing accessibility.
Build trust

Build trust

Consistent delivery of accurate, brand-aligned responses builds credibility and confidence in the institution's resources, nurturing positive relationships and aligning with expectations.
Boost efficiency

Boost efficiency

Streamlined setup saves time and resources, promoting wider adoption across departments, regardless of technical expertise, and enabling staff to focus on other critical tasks.
Enhance student engagement

Enhance student engagement

The chatbot's 24/7 support, coupled with swift, personalized responses, fosters increased engagement, interest, and loyalty among current and prospective students, while elevating support service standards.

Join hundreds of institutions benefitting from a faster, more powerful, and more automated student engagement platform.