AI so effective, you’ll forget it’s a chatbot

Automate over 80% of all inquiries & workflows with accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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Trusted by over 15,000 customers worldwide

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Your most valuable team member

With intelligent and accurate chatbots, Comm100 increases support capacity while improving the customer experience. From the latest Generative AI tech to the most advanced NLP models – Comm100’s automation platform is future-ready.

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(Way) more bandwidth

Comm100’s chatbots can manage all of your common queries, tasks and workflows, powered by flexible integrations and webhooks. This helps you to increase your team’s support capacity, even with the most limited resources or budgets.

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Simple & intuitive bot building

All of Comm100’s chatbots can be built with no technical expertize or coding knowledge. Still need help? Our AI architects are there to support and train your team – included with every package.

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Exceptional accuracy

Comm100’s chatbots deliver superior accuracy by leveraging advanced machine learning that improves with every interaction. Take advantage of what AI has to offer with complete confidence – and never any hallucinations.

Chatbot solutions for all your automation needs and budgets

Generative Answers Chatbot

Generative Answers Chatbot

Deliver dynamic, context-aware responses with the latest Generative AI. Unlike other Gen AI bots, it’s trained on your content to ensure accuracy.
Custom Answers

Custom Answers

Powered by NLP and LLM models, this sophisticated bot can automate 80%+ of queries with complete reliability. Add personalization and efficiency with flexible integrations, webhooks, and auto-translation.
Voice Bot

Voice Bot

Comm100’s voice-enabled bot enhances accessibility and engagement by providing natural, spoken support. Add machine-learning AI and NLP to your digital voice and telephony channels to automate common queries.
Agent Assist

Agent Assist

This AI-powered agent tool recommends answers to agents in real-time across live chat, social media, and SMS. With one click, a response is sent - and the customer receives fast and consistent support.

“With so many chat requests, we needed our Comm100 Chatbot to handle as many chats as possible. At first, the bot was resolving around 50% of chats, and now on some days it’s handling more than 90% which is exceptional.”

– Richard Branson
COO, Tangerine

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Every channel. One platform. Complete communication.

Comm100 doesn’t just specialize in live chat and chatbots – our platform combines every channel and tool you need in one unified agent console, including ticketing, social media, and knowledge base.

Agents get a complete, cross-channel picture of every customer they speak to, driving efficiency and personalization.

The highest standards in security & privacy

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