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The Organization

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) is a global risk management, insurance brokerage and advisory company. With roots dating to 1828, Willis Towers Watson has 45,000 employees serving more than 140 countries and markets. Acquired by Aon in March 2020, it is the world’s biggest insurance broker.

The Results by Numbers

    –  <1 month Deployment
    –  4.88/5 CSAT score

The Challenge

Willis Towers Watson (WTW) has a team of analysts at the ready to support and answer questions from their insurance advisors, who in turn pass this information on to their clients. In 2019, WTW identified live chat as the ideal channel for this communication, enabling their analysts to provide fast and accessible support.

In 2019, WTW partnered with an alternate live chat provider, but for several reasons, the solution wasn’t meeting their needs.

One issue lay in its reporting capabilities. Management requires weekly updates on the live chat team’s performance, but the solution didn’t offer many reports. As a result, WTW’s Operation’s Supervisor, Courtney Milton, was forced to collect and sort much of the data manually. Performing this on a regular basis was incredibly time-consuming and a poor use of her day.

The conversation history tools included with WTW’s first chat solution were also too restrictive for their requirements. Live chat transcripts are instrumental in guiding and improving their whole customer service operations. By analyzing chat history, WTW learns what questions are being asked by their advisors and where they need support. With this knowledge at hand, they can better provide their live chat and phone agents with the information they need to answer these questions, empowering them to provide helpful and faster support – and so improving customer satisfaction.

Moreover, it is essential for WTW analysts to provide accurate and consistent information to the advisors to reduce escalation – if wrong or inaccurate information is provided by the analyst, the issue may have to be escalated, damaging CSAT and even resulting in a fine.

The system couldn’t sufficiently deliver on their needs, so Courtney began researching alternative live chat solutions. After comparing eight vendors and thoroughly testing their capabilities and features, they chose Comm100 Live Chat, impressed with its reporting capabilities, customization, and wealth of features.

The Solution

Starting in September 2020, Comm100’s tech team went into action and set up WTW’s new live chat solution in less than a month, implementing the software to their specific requirements ahead of schedule.

Of all the software we’ve implemented, the roll-out with Comm100 was by far the best experience we’ve ever had. I can’t think of anything that could have made the setup and onboarding better. The Comm100 team was so prepared and attentive that we even launched ahead of schedule. And because the tech is so flexible, we were able to adjust and customize the software exactly to our specific needs so easily, with very little help.

Courtney Milton, Operations Supervisor at WTW

Comm100 Live Chat has a robust reporting suite with a wealth of reports that Courtney can now easily analyze, download, and share with management on a regular basis. With this data at hand, the team can quickly understand chat traffic patterns, review agent performance, analyze response and wait times, and much more.

Comm100 Live Chat also keeps a full record of chat transcripts, showing chat dialog, as well as customer rating, agent wrap-up notes, visitor information, and file transfers. These transcripts can be easily searched against a range of variables including keywords, date and time, and visitor segment, as well as the information provided in pre-chat, post-chat, and agent-wrap up. Courtney can then export these transcripts to her local drive or send them to specific email addresses. This provides the team with completely visibility into the questions being asked, helping them to identify any gaps, issues or improvements they can make across their full customer service operations.

Being able to easily search and analyze chat transcripts is invaluable to our whole customer service team. By knowing what our advisors are asking and what their key concerns are, we can not only improve our live chat support, but our whole customer service operations. Since we launched Comm100 Live Chat, we’ve seen great improvements across our support channels and couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with Comm100.

Jeremiah Dunn, Operations Manager

As with most insurance companies, WTW experiences peak periods of traffic, such as open enrolment when customer service queries rise. With Comm100 Live Chat, WTW can easily manage this uplift in queries, retaining low wait times while also helping to relieve the phone call volume.

Live chat is perfect for the nature of questions that advisors ask our analysts. Often the questions aren’t straightforward and require some back and forth to figure out what it is exactly the agent needs. Comm100 Live Chat allows our agents to do this, made even more effective by the ability to share files and images within the chat window. For us, success is making sure that we provide the right answers at the right time – and Comm100 makes this possible.

Jeremiah Dunn, Operations Manager

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