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Comm100 Partner Program Overview

Our flexible, multilevel partner program is designed for customer engagement organizations and built for today’s highly competitive, digital-first market. Partner with an award-winning software company that puts partners first and truly provides a competitive edge. Arm your clients with an AI-powered chatbot -on- or off-premise. Integrate Comm100 with your existing offering and instantly gain an easy-to-use enterprise-grade solution.

Comm100 supports our partners with a proven path for success; a progressive onboarding and enablement program, a comprehensive partner portal, a dedicated partner manager, sales acceleration programs, and incentives to keep you engaged – and your pockets full!

A Digital First World Requires A Digital First Solution

Your clients have to take better care of their customers to survive and thrive in today’s competitive, digital-first world. Businesses are now required to:

Be more accessible on more channels like chat, social, SMS, and email
Provide easier, faster access to problem-solving information
Offer smarter, well-equipped customer service agents
Access 24/7 sales and online support
Improve chat efficiency with built-in AI chatbots.

63% of customers will leave a company after just one poor experience, and almost two-thirds will no longer wait more than 2 minutes for assistance.”
Forrester 2020

A Partnership Designed Around You

We are committed to providing genuine, personal experiences for partners in the CX field.

  1. Dedicated Partner Manager: No support lines, chat queues, email tickets – just contact your Partner Manager
  2. Comprehensive training and enablement program: The more you know our solution, the more confidently you can sell it. We make sure your team gains expertise quickly and thoroughly
  3. Extensive marketing support: Access robust content, storytelling expertise, and a marketing team committed to working with you
  4. Extra revenue: Achieve stronger margins, better incentives, and other sales programs designed to build your profit pool.

Tools To Get You Going. Instantly.

Dedicated Partner Support and Training

Participate in online training sessions designed for sales and pre-sales. Experience customized learning and support based on the customers you serve down market. Instantly utilize Comm100’s onboarding and enablement materials through a self-serve partner portal.

Sales Enablement

Access a library of self-paced sales training courses and a learning center (coming soon) through the partner portal. Gain insights into product knowledge and positioning, market analysis, and business values to identify new opportunities.

Demand Creation

Gain Marketing Development funds and effective co-marketing programs to drive demand generation. Be a part of a growing community of CX partners with on-going events, conferences, webinars, podcasts, and more.

Sell More and Worry Less With a Proven Secure and Compliant Tool
Program Tiers & Offerings
Built to Work With You. And For You.
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  • Reseller

  • White Label


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Partner Portal access Group 15327 Group 15327
Dedicated Partner Manager Group 15327 Group 15327 Group 15327
Product training & enablement

Group 15327

Group 15327

Access to marketing support Group 15327 Group 15327
MDF eligibility Group 15327 Group 15327
Listing on comm100.com Group 15327 Group 15327 Group 15327

What Our Partners
Are Saying.

“Partnering with Comm100 has been a breeze. The level of engagement and support they provide is bar-none!”
Atando Technologies
Matt Kinney
"It is our passionate goal to enable our customers to create the most genuine, personalized and impactful member experience possible in the healthcare industry today. Comm100 is helping us achieve this goal.”
Mphasis Javelina
Sally Else
“Comm100 provides us with a full range of tools and options to help us in our regional efforts in providing a leading-edge solution to the marketplace in Poland.”
Marketing Manager
UnimaJolanta Rozycka
Comm100 Partners

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Program Tiers and Offerings

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Better orchestrate omnichannel digital CX with insights from data to quantify your top 100 most valuable customer interactions.

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