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Your commitment to excellent customer service is what sets you apart. That’s why you need customer support software for live chat, email, and other digital channels that helps you connect with your customers quickly and easily without consuming all your time and energy.

Comm100 – the most powerful customer service software for small business, free.

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omnichannel customer engagement

Meet your digital customer

Imagine being accessible wherever and whenever your customers need you – that’s a competitive advantage you can take to the bank. Build personal connections on live chat, email, social media, and text messaging. Answer questions from the office or on the go. It’s not magic, it’s Comm100. And it’s easier than you’ve ever imagined.

One Third of Cost

Less than 1/3 the cost of phone service, and so much more flexible

Customer service phone calls are expensive and time consuming. Digital services like live chat, email, and text messaging are not just less expensive per-contact, but since you can handle more than 1 conversation at a time, you can grow your business without adding service costs.

Up and Running

Get up and running in minutes, not days

We know you have a lot more going on than customer service, and the last thing you need is complication. That’s why we’ve designed Comm100 to go live in minutes. You can be answering chats faster than you can say ‘How can I help you today?’

Fit Your Business

Built to fit your business, not the other way around

From branding to operations to service reputation, no two businesses are alike. Our wide range of features and deep configurability lets you tailor Comm100 to look and behave exactly how you want to treat your customers. From scheduled hours of availability to chat button and window design and more, you’ll wish all your software was this flexible.


Enterprise-grade security and compliance included

You may be looking for live chat software for small businesses rather than enterprise, but that doesn’t mean you don’t take data privacy seriously. Why compromise and put your business at risk with a vendor that doesn’t get it? Choose Comm100, and chat with confidence.

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