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Chapter 4

First Agent Assist, then AI Chatbots

It goes without saying that chatbots and agent-facing AI applications are not mutually exclusive. They both have their defined place as customer experience tools. Still, many contact centers view chatbots as the only go-to for implementing Intelligent Assistance. After all, they do get the lion’s share of the press.

But bad bots are everywhere. From chatbots that can’t understand basic questions to bots that trap customers in pointless conversation loops, there’s no shortage of poorly implemented chatbots.

Many of these bad bot builds suffer due to poor planning and resourcing. More often than not, their owners have never fully invested in adequate knowledge management, so they don’t have a reliable source of information with which to power their chatbot.

Bots can’t figure out the right answers on their own. You still need to tell them what questions your customers are asking and how to answer them correctly in order for your bot to have any chance at serving customers effectively.

That’s why investing in Agent Assist as a first step on a longer IA journey is a smart move. Agent Assist’s ability to facilitate knowledge resource assembly helps businesses with a lack of effective knowledge resources to kill two birds with one stone – resolving customer queries quickly and accurately while strengthening internal knowledge that will make for stellar chatbot builds in the future.

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