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In the same way that PBX and ACD technologies revolutionized the contact center in the past 20 years, artificial intelligence will usher in equally dramatic change in the coming years. In fact, that’s already underway for many organizations. But the majority are still sitting on the sidelines either trying to get buy-in or figuring out where to start. The two most promising Intelligent Assistance options are chatbots and agent-facing applications. For reasons of manageability, risk, and impact we believe that agent-facing applications such as Agent Assist offer a more pragmatic, more accessible, less risky and more productive entry point into the world of IA. Agent Assist will reduce time to resolution, increase agent productivity, reinforce and extend agent training and learning, and help organizations expand their knowledge resources in the direction and scope most desired by customers. Organizations looking to take advantage of developments in artificial intelligence should start with agent-facing applications like Agent Assist.

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