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Chapter 2

Why is Agent Assist the Best Way to Get into AI?

It helps to improve your knowledge resources

Many contact centers struggle with a lack of effective knowledge resources. Whether they’re scattered around different systems, stored in paper manuals, or they’re simply out-of-date, knowledge resources are cited by 48% of contact centers as an urgent investment priority. Agent Assist doesn’t require 100% complete knowledge resources from the start. You can easily implement whatever resources you have and use your agent team to start building the quality and accuracy of your knowledge base from the moment Agent Assist goes live.

It provides the same benefits as chatbots, with less effort

Many contact centers think of chatbots as being the #1 starting point for IA. But in fact, the biggest reason why chatbots fail is because of improper training due to lack of resources. If you’re aiming to implement a chatbot without the proper knowledge resources in place first, chatbots can be a difficult place to get started, requiring you to invest in time-consuming knowledge management projects at the same time as learning how to build and train your bot.

Implementing Agent Assist as a first step allows you to more easily achieve the same benefits as resource-heavy chatbot implementations – faster resolutions, customer satisfaction gains, and consistency of responses. This can help ease pressure from your executive team to go “Full bot” while giving you the confidence that your IA investment can be ramped up internally before unleashing it on customers

It warms up your agent team to the benefits of IA

A part of IA implementation that’s rarely acknowledged is the change management work required to ensure that IA is viewed by your team with excitement, not apprehension. Agent Assist provides real benefits directly to agents through knowledge support in their day-today work. And there is very little to nothing your agents have to do to start taking advantage. It’s a lot easier to achieve buy-in for a tool that truly makes work easier than one with more abstract and intangible benefits.

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