How to Drive the Future of Customer Experience at Your Bank with Digital Transformation

Providing the Right Service and Tools for Your Digital Customer

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Chapter 1

Key Insights

74% of the respondents are currently using an omnichannel customer engagement strategy and 94% are already in some stage of digital transformation.

The two technologies respondents feel will be the most important in the next 12 months are mobile apps and omnichannel and personalization tools.

60% of organizations believe they understand their customer’s digital communication preferences either “well” or “very well.”

43% of respondents believe customer phone calls will decline as a CX channel in the next five years.

91% of banks are at least open to the idea of using bots and automation for customer engagement, but 62% say their customers aren’t ready for them.

Over the next 12 months, 63% of respondents will prioritize improving their Net Promotor Score as a customer metric.

Unlike interest rates, customer needs can be wildly unpredictable.

We’ll help you tame them.

Your customers are not only more demanding than ever, they’re also more fluid – emailing you today, calling you tomorrow, and tweeting the next day. It’s enough to drive any customer service manager over the edge. Comm100 helps you take full control with a unified platform that gathers all your digital customer service channels – live chat, social media, email, and messaging – in one place. Now you can solve every question with the right answer, and keep your customers from stampeding away.

We’ll create your unique blend of live agent, chatbot, and self-serve solutions that will improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty, at a price that will make you grin.

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