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Live Chat Benchmark Report 2021

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Chapter 6

Mobile chats

Chats on mobile devices have been growing year-on-year (see graph below) so it may come as a surprise that mobile chats dropped by 0.5% in 2020. However, the fact that mobile chats remained so high in 2020 is proof of the continuing importance of offering mobile live

2020 was a year of spending much more time at home with greater access to our desktop or laptop computers. This naturally made it possible for us to use these devices more often for all kinds of activities, rather than picking up our mobile phones. Given this, you might have assumed mobile chats would decline significantly, so a mere 0.5% decrease actually shows just how engrained and important mobile communication is, particularly for those in Real Estate, Media, and Banking (see table below).

This once again reinforces the need for companies of all sizes to optimize their chat for mobile as we expect 2021 to reach an all-time peak for mobile chats. What may come as a surprise is the fact that the smallest team size had the most mobile chats, and the largest had by far the fewest. It’s great to see smaller companies, often with less resources, being able to offer mobile-optimized live chat to their customers and embracing it. Comm100’s Live Chat can be set up for mobile within minutes and offers chat windows and buttons that are compatible with all major mobile devices.

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