Live Chat Benchmark Report 2018

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Chapter 3

Industry Breakdown

This year, we’ve surveyed customers from 13 different industries for our report.

Here is a comparison of the main live chat metrics broken down per industry, also showing year-on-year percentage changes.

Government Saw the Biggest Increase in Chat Volume

The average monthly chat volume of Government & Nonprofits increased by 155.66% in 2017. Consequently, each agent handled 43.24% more chats per month than in 2016.

Despite this, wait times for this sector fell by 39.76%, although satisfaction rates didn’t quite hold – dropping 6.4%. These satisfaction rates, however, are still above our report average of 80.68%.

Manufacturing Gains the Most in Customer Satisfaction

The Manufacturing industry got the best customer satisfaction results in 2017. This industry reached the highest level of average customer satisfaction rate, scoring 95.90% by gaining 7.27%. At the same time, Manufacturing managed to decrease wait times by around a third, and showed modest increases in chats per agent.

Customer Satisfaction Drops by 11.76% in the Technology Sector

The Technology sector saw the biggest drop of 11.76% in customer satisfaction in 2017, reaching the lowest level among all industries at 70.86%. While chat duration and chats per month held for this industry, wait times rose by almost a third.

This is an excellent report. What it suggests, is that chat is a channel that must not be ignored. The data in the report suggests chat should be incorporated in a sensible manner, which elevates customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Sean Hawkins
Call Center Leader & Speaker, Cofounder of Call Center Weekly

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