Live Chat Benchmark Report 2018

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Chapter 4

Country Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of key live chat stats per country, with comparisons to the data we found in 2016:

Australia Leads Global Chat Volume Increase

Except for a decrease of chat volume in Mexico, all other countries had more chats to handle in 2017 than in 2016.
Australia saw an increase in chat volume of 70.78%, following a startling increase in last year’s report. While this could be due to extremely high chat volume from some individual companies, even taking this into account, this increased rate shows that there has definitely been increased interest in, and adoption of live chat in Australia. This is also indicated through the comparatively high level of chats per month for Australian companies, second only to Turkey.

Mexico’s Companies Get the Best Results in Customer Satisfaction

Despite a slight drop, Mexico’s companies still lead the league in 2017 in terms of customer satisfaction, with 92.8% of their customers leaving positive ratings for the chat service they received. This continues the same trend seen in last year’s report.

Columbia Gains the Most in Customer Satisfaction, India Sees the Biggest Drop

The chart below compares customer satisfaction among countries.

Columbia has seen a big jump in customer satisfaction rates, from 73.67% to 84.75% for this year. Interestingly, this is paired with a significant decrease in chat duration, with chat length falling by a quarter – indicating that companies in Columbia are managing to balance faster resolutions with quality responses.

Columbia also sees the largest percentage of chats taking place on mobile devices, with nearly 9 out of 10 customers interacting with chat over a mobile device.

Customers are on the go - and particularly customers who are traveling relish the ability to easily solve problems on their phone.

Blake Morgan
Customer Experience Author & Speaker

India saw a very large decrease in customer satisfaction, falling 10.02% to 55.44% – well below our benchmark average. Another standout figure from these statistics is India’s wait time decrease – falling 59.82% to 18 seconds. This could indicate Indian organizations are overprioritizing faster time to resolution at the expense of customer satisfaction.

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