Live Chat Benchmark Report 2017

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Chapter 7

What to Do in 2017

The aim of this benchmark report is to provide insight into your live chat implementation and what you should watch for in 2017. After a thorough analysis of the real-world data from our customers, we’d like to give you some suggestions on what to do in 2017 to make your live chat successful.

Connect with customers as quickly as possible

As you can see from our data, short wait time is a major contribution to the improvement in customer satisfaction in 2016. And this trend will continue as customers are only expecting more rather than less.

Yet speed is not everything. Another metric you should be watching out in 2017 is the first contact resolution rate, namely the percentage of customers whose problems are solved the first time they connect with your live chat agents.

You can expect more chats to handle

Another major finding that we can see by looking at the data sample is that live chat is being adopted globally by more and more companies, and that people are increasingly choosing live chat as a preferred touch point with companies. In some industries like education and ecommerce, the average monthly chat volume tripled or even saw a six-fold jump.

The trend will continue in this digital world. More chats mean greater opportunity. This trend is likely to continue. Be prepared for increased chat volumes on your site, to ensure that you can stay ahead of the competition and safeguard the satisfaction of your customers.

Seasonal hiring may be a good choice

We noticed a seasonal chat volume fluctuation in 2016 and thought it might represent a common trend that is worth your attention. During summer months, the chat volume was only about 60% of that during the holiday season. After the holiday rush, there will be a big drop in January, followed by a return in February and March since people start to seek after-sales help. The summer low runs from April through August.

Adjust your staffing according to this trend to save more money. There are a large number of seasonal workers out there and you can try seasonal hiring in 2017.

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