Live Chat Benchmark Report 2017

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Chapter 3

Demand for Live Chat Grows

Improved chat-to-visit ratio

A chat-to-visit ratio implies the percentage of website visitors who choose to use live chat as the channel of communication with businesses. We have produced an independent chat-to-visit ratio report in 2015 to provide you with such insight. You can get access to the report here. This year, we have incorporated the chat to-visit-ratio metric into our benchmark report.

The following chart is a comparison between the chat-to-visit ratio in 2016 and that in 2015. The X axis represents the average monthly visits of a business and the Y axis represents the chat-to-visit ratio.

We can see from the above chart that overall more visits are converted to chats in 2016. This can be translated to a growing demand for live chat.

If you are considering adding live chat on your website, the chat-to-visit ratio is a significant factor to consider in your live chat implementation plan. It gives you an estimated chat volume you are to handle after the implementation, which ultimately helps you make decisions on the staffing and budget.

If you are using live chat for customer service or online sales now, you can check if there is still room to improve your chat volume, and if your live chat is being utilized to its utmost potential.

Customers are getting customer service help or seeking product information while at work and on the go. Live chat allows customers to easily get help without picking up the phone. In the future we will only see the customer experience of live chat improve as agents are empowered to block and tackle for the customer. Live chat is a great channel for companies that take the customer experience of it seriously.

Increased chat volume

When looking at our data sample, we found that the number of chats handled in 2016 nearly tripled that in 2015, both in terms of total chats and average monthly chats.

This may partly be because in 2016, more enterprise customers chose Comm100 Live Chat, contributing to the chat volume increase. But even compensating for these effects, the trend here is still quite clear: Live chat is being utilized more and more as a touch point for customers to connect with businesses.

This is consistent with the rising popularity of messaging apps for customer service vs. “traditional” social media. Not surprisingly, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger provide many of the same consumer benefits as website live chat.

Dan Gingiss
Host of the Focus on Customer Service podcast

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