Live Chat Benchmark Report 2017

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Chapter 4

Chat Volume Fluctuates by Seasons

One of our assumptions when producing this benchmark report is that chat volume might fluctuate. Just like there are peak and idle
hours during a day, people may rush to buy things during one season, for example the holiday season, and are less motivated to buy during another season.

That’s why we added this perspective to our 2017 benchmark report. And our assumption has been proved by data.

We looked into the chat volume of each month in 2016, and mapped the highs and lows over the period of a year. See the chart below for details:

Chat volume in July dropped to the lowest point of the year, with only about 63% of the number of chats handled in December.

Starting in August, chat volume increases steadily through the next half of the year and reaches the highest point in December. When the holiday rush is over and January arrives, chat volume falls significantly to nearly the same level as in July.

Knowing that your chat volume will vary through the year allows you to make more effective resourcing decisions. One feasible solution might be to hire part time agents during holiday seasons.

Hiring seasonal workers can either rescue or ruin the customer experience, depending on how you onboard and train them. Make sure that new hires start with enough time to be trained thoroughly on your systems and product knowledge, to the same level as your full-time agents, before starting to take chats. This will ensure that customers don’t have to make repeated contacts to get queries resolved, inflating already busy holiday chat volumes even further.

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