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Chapter 1

Chat to Visit Ratio Trend

The chat to visit ratio trend in this report is provided from 2 dimensions, by visits and by month, to give you a clearer picture of how the ratio performs in different situations.

a. Trend by Visits

The number of visits a company receives may directly affect its chat to visit ratio. To measure how the ratio varies with number of visits a website receives, we have divided our customer base into 7 segments based on the average monthly visits they receive on the website:

    1. 0-5K
    2. 5K-10K
    3. 10K-25K
    4. 25K-50K
    5. 50K-100K
    6. 100K-500K
    7. 500K+

Considering every third company participating in the report comes from the United States, we have also generated a report solely for the US companies.

In the results below, the blue line in the chart represents the ratio on the global level, and the orange line represents the result from the US companies.

The chat to visit ratio in the report moves inversely to the visit volume a website receives, from 8.96% for the 0-5K segment down to 0.34% for the 500K+ segment. It seems that the larger the website’s traffic is, the harder it is to achieve the same level of visitor engagement through live chat.

The 25K-50K segment looks to be the tipping point of the ratio. The sharp drop of the ratio happens from 5K-10K to 25K-50K, and passing the 25K-50K segment, the drop becomes much slighter.

In general, US companies get a lower ratio than the average global level. This is especially obvious in the 5K-10K segment. Although the biggest chat to visit ratio decrease occurs in a different segment on the global line, the overall trend for both lines is the same.

b. Trend by Month

For different businesses, their peak/off-peak periods may not be the same. Yet chances are, they overlap at a certain point. To see whether this also applies to the chat to visit ratio, we created the following report showing how the ratio changes over the 12 months in 2015, and whether different businesses perform similarly in certain months.

because we have included companies in all the traffic segments. As we know, large figures always skew the average. Thus, the ratio here roughly floats between 0.62% and 0.77%, which is above 0.34% for the 500K+ segment in the By Visits report, and below 1.42% for the 100K-500K segment.

Companies sometimes do complement each other, as some businesses’ peak month might be other businesses’ off-peak time. So we don’t see sharp changes between months in this report.

This being said, we do notice some relatively high changes occurred between January to February, May to June, October to November, and November to December. It seems that November and January are the down months for live chat. However in-between these low months, we do see an obvious upturn in December. This is not surprising because many people start to get off work in early December, preparing for the coming holiday season through online shopping, thus contributing to the upturn of the ratio in December.

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