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CCW Disruptive Technology Report: Live Chat

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Chapter 2

Four Tenets of Modern Chat

Before exploring how a disruptive approach to chat can elevate the customer experience, it is important to answer a simple question: what exactly is chat? The answer comes in the form of four key principles.

  1. Chat encompasses three phases of engagement: It may have risen to prominence as a live, agent-assisted conversation option, but chat has evolved to also include asynchronous messaging and bot-driven interactions.
  2. Chat is not limited to text: Do not view chat as an exclusively text-based platform. A modern chat program also empowers customers to connect via rich media like audio and video.
  3. Chat is not a low-touch channel: As fewer than 25% of organizations accommodate most or all interactions in chat, many clearly perceive chat as a low-touch channel. They are incorrect. Although chat can certainly process transactional matters with aplomb, it is also suitable for complex conversations. Whether through chatbots or live agents, modern chat programs possess the capability to handle high-touch interactions.
  4. Chat is driven by the will of the customer: A great chat platform integrates seamlessly with other customer contact channels, such as email and social media. A modern chat strategy does not, however, use that integration as an excuse to route customers against their will. If a customer wants to resolve a particular issue in chat, a customer-centric organization makes every conceivable effort to accommodate that demand.

"We believe that a sound digital customer experience strategy relies on smart deployment of three options: synchronous live chat whenever your customers want it, asynchronous messaging for less time-sensitive needs, and chatbots for ensuring rapid, scalable response times in every scenario,"

Kevin Gao
CEO , Comm100

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