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CCW Disruptive Technology Report: Live Chat

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Chapter 1

Disrupting the Chat Experience

For all its appeal as a concept, the omnichannel contact center continues to elude organizations in practice. Whether by not optimizing engagement in digital channels, not creating unified experiences for agents or not tailoring engagement to specific customer preferences, organizations inhibit their ability to satisfy today’s customers.

You do not have to accept this circumstance. You can take strides to help agents deliver the experiences your customers want — when and where they want them. An important step in this journey involves adopting a more robust approach to chat.

By aligning your chat strategy with five key objectives — personalization, agent centricity, versatility, conversation quality and security — you will transform chat from one engagement option into the centerpiece of a customer-centric journey. You will provide customers and agents with the experiences they so loudly demand yet so rarely find. To put it simply, you will begin to make the omnichannel vision a reality.

This report will jumpstart your disruption. In addition to exploring why the five objectives are so relevant to the chat experience, it details the specific strategies and technological capabilities that will yield success. It closes by revealing how to ensure your chat program generates the maximum impact for your contact center and business at large.

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