CCW Special Report: Live Chat

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Chapter 1

Special Report: Live Chat

Are you dwelling on the debate between “voice” and “digital” channels? Are you contempiating whether you can simultaneous’y be customer-centric and efficient? Are you stressing over the ability to reduce effort while maintaining (or increasing) personalization?

It is time to cease those lines of questioning. It is time to stop fearing difficult balances or unfortunate compromises.

It is time to successfully leverage live chat.

“Successfully leverage” is the operative phrase.

Live chat is certainly not a new concept. Many organizations offer some form of live chat within their experiences. They, moreover, identify five chat as an urgent investment priority, It is unquestionably on the radar.

Many organizations are not, however, tapping into the full strength of live chat. As a result, they are not offering a “best of both worlds” engagement option but subjecting customers to a channel that comes across as lip service at best and additional frustration at worst.

This special report remedies the situation. It begins by guiding you through the process of designing a great live chat experience, It subsequently tackles key live chat metrics, before revealing how to make live chat as valuable as possible for both agents and customers.