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Live Chat Benchmark Report 2021

Live Chat Benchmark Report 2021

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“Every year, we produce an annual Live Chat Benchmark Report to help organizations understand how they are performing compared to their peers. We show them where they need to improve and provide tips on how they can, all broken down by team size and industry for accurate comparison.

While this report follows the same agenda, one can’t avoid the ‘elephant in the room’. Almost no industry has been left unscathed by the pandemic in 2020 and customer service certainly wasn’t. From customer panic, to postage disruption, to widespread movement from office to remote working, 2020 shook up live chat operations like never before.

As a result, of all the reports we have produced, this year’s is arguably the most important.

In this report we have analyzed data from over 66 million live chats that passed through the Comm100 platform in 2020 and compared these findings to 2019. We have also broken down the data by team size across 14 industries so you can accurately evaluate your team’s performance. On top of this, we have invited customer service and customer experience experts to provide their commentary on the findings and posit their expectations for live chat and customer service in 2021.

We hope that this report and its data will help you to evaluate your live chat operations and learn where you’re winning and where you need to focus your attention in 2021.”

– Kevin Gao, CEO of Comm100

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