Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020 Covid-19 Edition

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Chapter 6

Mobile chats

Chats on mobile devices grew by 3 percentage points from January-March to April-August. Although this uplift may seem modest, particularly in light of the speed at which mobile chat has grown in the past few years, that mobile chat usage remained at this level at all is testament to the popularity of mobile customer service.

As a result of Covid-19, the average time spent at home shot up as people around the world were forced to leave their offices. With this, access to desktop naturally rose, and reliance on mobile devices decreased. We can see the impact this had by looking at the year-on-year mobile chat usage (see graph below) as mobile chats dropped by 3.8% from 2019 to 2020.

This slight drop in mobile usage is not a surprise given the greater access to desktops while working from home. However, the fact that mobile chats stayed at such a high level in 2020 despite this significant change shows just how far mobile has come as an essential part of customer service. We expect this figure to soon exceed 2019’s record as we emerge from the pandemic, and can’t stress enough the need to optimize chat for mobile.

*January to August

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