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How to build, train and measure your customer service team for peak performance

The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Successful Live Chat Team

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The Wrap-up

You made it! Whether you have picked out the chapters that are of most interest to you and the stage you’re at or you have heroically read this whole eBook from start to finish, you’re well on your way to providing phenomenal customer support and proving your team’s ROI.

If you take anything from this eBook however, remember that creating a winning live chat team is a marathon and not a sprint. While Comm100 is fast and easy to set up, building and training the perfect team will take time and effort.

Comm100 is a cloud-based system that can be quickly installed with very little effort and IT resources. Don’t just take are word for it – hear what our customer has to say about their experience.

“Where we often struggle as an organization is with software installation. We just don’t have the IT resources, and we knew that a live chat solution that required a lot of time from our IT department would be met with a lot of resistance. As a cloud-based solution that could be quickly installed with very little effort, Comm100 was fantastic for us. The whole process was incredibly fast and smooth.”

Denny Michaud
Customer Relations Manager, Canadian Blood Services

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