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How to build, train and measure your customer service team for peak performance

The Ultimate Guide to Managing a Successful Live Chat Team

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Chapter 5

Intro: Take Your Team to the Next Level

You’ve hired the ultimate team of live chat agents, undergone a thorough onboarding, trained them up to superstar perfection, and are now tracking individual and team KPIs to ensure your team is running like a well-oiled machine.

This is a huge achievement and has likely taken a lot of hard work and patience, so congratulations!

Now you have two options: you could sit back and leave your team running as it is, hoping that you are providing your customers (and agents) with the best possible experience,

or you could set up an omnichannel customer engagement platform and take your customer service practice to the next level, providing support that your competitors could only dream of. What would you choose?

If you want the latter, then read this section to find out how your agents can use Comm100’s omnichannel customer engagement platform to provide an optimal experience for every customer while improving agent efficiency and support.

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