Transforming the Financial Services Client Experience with Chat and AI


A Guide for the Financial Services Sector

Transforming the Financial Services Client Experience with Chat and AI

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There’s more to come with digital client transformation

We’ve seen how millions of clients are turning to web and mobile banking because these technologies offer greater flexibility, choice, and personalization. Live chat and chatbots are natural compliments to the way your customers want to engage.

The benefits don’t end here; AI is already making its way into the agent experience, leading to the rise of the super-agent. These developments will continue to influence how financial institutions reach and engage their clients, and those that aren’t there yet are at risk of falling further behind.

While client preferences are largely the reason for this massive shift in behaviour, the benefits for financial institutions, no matter the size, are undeniable. Even so, the importance of the client relationship should remain at the forefront of service delivery.

Live chat and chatbots are helping financial institutions provide services to clients that are more convenient, helpful and tailored to their client’s needs and how they prefer to communicate today.


Developing a plan for implementation is only just the start.

Financial institutions need to keep these benchmarks and strategies for improvement in mind as they grow and scale their client experience strategy – ensuring they choose the platform(s) with the capabilities that best satisfy their business requirements. Of course, the security of clients’ confidential data remains paramount in that decision.

Live chat and AI chatbots are opening a world of possibilities for the financial services industry. The real winner, however, is the client, who now has more choice about where, when and how they get service and support.

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