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The Guide to Becoming a Top Performing Live Chat Agent

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Chapter 5

Prepare Your Canned URL Arsenal

While you need to exercise more constraint when using canned messages, canned links or URLs are a different story altogether. With canned links, there is no such thing as having or using too many.

Canned links and URLs are not only great time savers, they will usually get you a big “Thank you” or “Wow, that’s just what I needed” response from your customers.

Many of the questions you get from customers will be of the “Where can I find this?” variety. The questions may be product-related or they may be for self-help information. Regardless of the type, it’s always a great idea to have your canned link arsenal prepared, and ready to fire.

Your manager or supervisor may or may not have already created a pool of canned links for you to use (if they haven’t yet, you should suggest it). Follow the steps to create your own:

  • Go through your company website.
  • Determine which pages are the most popular and sought after by customer.
  • Copy and paste the links to those pages in your canned links repository.
  • Go over them thoroughly.

It’s not enough to have a bunch of canned links or URLs available; you have to know what the links lead to and how to find them quickly.

Therefore, if possible, memorize the contents of your canned link repository so that you can easily find the ones you need, and send them out quickly. Canned links are not useful if it takes you a long time to sift through them in order to find the one you need.

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