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The Guide to Becoming a Top Performing Live Chat Agent

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Chapter 10

Never Promise Too Much

In some cases, offering a customer a compromise or alternative can help defuse a tense situation, and also calm down an angry customer. However, you should never offer a customer something you cannot deliver.

Although it’s sensible to offer an angry customer something to make them happier, always be sure that it’s something that you can deliver.

For instance, if you need to offer a discount code, free shipping or other incentive, make sure to get the special offer approved by your supervisor or manager first, and don’t simply offer something to make the problem temporarily go away.

If you promise to research an issue or problem and get back to the customer, then be sure you do so. Nothing speaks worse for a company than customer service operators that don’t keep their promises.

This also applies to operators that assist customers with sales. Never tell a customer that a product can perform or function in a certain way if it cannot.

Never make promises about a product or service unless you are absolutely certain that they are true. If you tell a customer one thing, and then he/she finds out it’s not true, your name will accompany the company’s name if, for example, the person posts negative comments on social media and other websites.

In short, your reputation and that of the company are linked. You are your company’s brand ambassador in every way. Therefore, one angry and dissatisfied customer can result in many more lost sales for the brand or company.

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