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The Guide to Becoming a Top Performing Live Chat Agent

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Chapter 7

Be Careful with Grammar and Typos

Engaging in live chat sessions with customers and visitors is a lot different than chatting with friends and family on Facebook or instant messenger applications. Although the process is very similar, the rules are what make the two types of chat very different.

When chatting with friends and family on an instant messenger application, you may not place too much emphasis on capitalization, spelling, and grammar – this is acceptable as long as you’re chatting in an informal environment.

However, when you are representing your brand or company in a chat session, you must always present yourself (and the company) in a professional manner by ensuring that you avoid grammatical errors and typos.

Always take an extra second or two to review your chat responses before clicking “Send” or pressing on the “Enter” key. This will help prevent embarrassing errors that do not reflect well upon yourself as an agent, or the company you represent.

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