The Guide to Becoming a Top Performing Live Chat Agent

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Chapter 11

Never Assume It's Over

As a chat agent, your ultimate aim should always be to fully resolve your customers’ issues and/or concerns in one session (if possible). This means that your customer should never have to return for the same concern or problem because you should have already resolved it completely the first time.

Helping a customer resolve an issue completely may take some time; however, it’s much better to spend the extra time to help a customer solve an issue the first time, than to have the same customer return for assistance for the same problem.

For instance, if a customer is requesting for product set-up assistance:

  • Patiently guide them through each step.
  • Confirm that each step has been completed before moving on to the next.
  • Ask the customer to double check that the setup has been officially programmed, and that no further actions are necessary

The easiest way to achieve a “first chat resolution” is to always ask your customers if all of their concerns have been fully resolved to their satisfaction before closing the chat.

Always be prepared for the “well, there is also…” type situations, and always be eager to assist your customers with any issues that may arise.

From the moment your customers end the chat, you want them to feel that you truly valued their business, and that your aim is to ensure that they’re fully satisfied with your quality of service.

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