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Top 7 Customer Service Complaints & How Omnichannel Customer Engagement Can Resolve Them

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Complaint #5

Taking Care of the Issue Myself

“Sometimes I’d rather just take care of my issue myself and not speak to an agent.”

While many customers seek personalized engagement with a live agent, there is also a significant number of customers who would rather avoid speaking to an agent at all. For organizations, this isn’t an either-or situation. Rather, it’s a call to broaden all customer support channels. The ability to access a live agent quickly is as important as the ability to access relevant tools to resolve issues independently. In the end, it’s all about choice.

In a survey conducted by Software Advice, 73% of respondents started their consumerrelated inquiries by searching online. Many customers have an instinct to seek out resources on their own. But it’s not enough to just create those resources: 52% of respondents said they would spend less than 10 minutes looking for a resolution before contacting the company. The key in having successful customer support is to provide accessible options– this means providing easy-to-use and easy-to-find self-service channels.


Some customers are well-versed in your platforms and can readily navigate their way to your knowledge base on your website. Others will successfully find the appropriate article through an effective search. Don’t let these outliers keep you from fully integrating your selfhelp tools with your other service channels — it’s critical that customers can show up on your website, social media, mobile app, and SMS system, and be pointed to the right direction within a matter of seconds.

With omnichannel customer engagement, your customer can use self-serve features to quickly and easily find a resolution to their problem by themselves:

1. Knowledge base

A self-service knowledge base allows customers to search for an answer to their question through an easy-to-use search feature, within both your website architecture and the live chat window. If a customer tries to connect with an agent through a live chat window, for example, they can first be presented with a search bar that will help them quickly and easily access a relevant FAQ article from the centralized knowledge base. This easy access to information empowers the customer to easily resolve their issue, while also helping keep customers out of queues.

2. AI Chatbot

AI chatbots are a critical part of any modern self-service support strategy. For those not wanting to speak to an agent, chatbots can provide instant answers for fast and independent self-serve, on almost any channel. They can also perform tasks on behalf of the customer, from booking tickets to making payments, checking balances and changing passwords.

And with an 87.58% satisfaction rate when using only chatbots from start-to-finish, chatbots are not a self-serve option companies can afford to overlook.

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