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Top 7 Customer Service Complaints & How Omnichannel Customer Engagement Can Resolve Them

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Complaint #7

Rude Customer Service Representative

“My customer service representative was so rude!”

We’ve seen examples in recent years of customer support agents losing their cool and inappropriately cracking under the pressure of agitated customers. One of the most infamous examples was a 2014 call between a customer and a Comcast representative who aggressively denied the customer’s request to disconnect service. As painful as it is to listen to, it’s a reminder to all CX teams of what’s possible if they don’t have the proper guardrails to prevent it. If Comcast was worried about losing that customer before, they’ve lost many more as a result.

According to research conducted by NewVoiceMedia, 49% of consumers reported switching companies because of subpar customer service. There’s plenty of competition in your industry, and customers won’t think twice before taking their business elsewhere. What’s worse: customers who have bad experiences can take their complaints to social media before you’ve even had a chance to course correct. Excellent customer service is the status quo, and if an agent delivers anything less, you risk your reputation with your customers.


The reality is, whether an agent just wasn’t friendly enough or really lost their cool, human beings are fallible. Even the best agent can have an off day and slip into a tone that’s less than ideal. With omnichannel customer engagement, you can take some pressure off agents and resolve repetitive customer issues with reliable chatbots and Agent Assist, preprogrammed with friendly and helpful messages. You can also enable features that restrict language and promote real-time supervision that wouldn’t be available through traditionally siloed channels. The beauty of using a robust omnichannel system is that you have features that promote healthy customer/agent interactions, such as:

Canned messages: Create messages ahead of time to address different needs, with an on-brand tone that facilitates a pleasant customer experience. Agents can choose from the canned messages provided and won’t be pressured to come up with unique and appropriate messages every single time (these messages can be edited in real-time for enhanced personalization). With Agent Assist, suggested answers are automatically offered to the agent so they don’t need to hunt down information, taking some stress off their shoulders.

Restricted words: Whether a long-standing employee acts out inappropriately, or a recruit shows their unfortunate true colors, it’s important to make sure inappropriate language doesn’t fall through the cracks and damage your reputation and relationships. Good omnichannel support will have a restricted word feature that can block agents from using inappropriate or hostile language.

Real-time chat supervision: Supervisors can monitor chats from their own dashboard, making sure that interactions between customers and live agents are going smoothly.

Real-time chat supervision

Join chat: Not all conflicts between customers and agents are a complete blowout. Sometimes a confusion arises, and customers can quickly become put off if they feel misunderstood. Supervisors and senior agents can step into chats when they see something is not quite right, enabling them to put the conversation back on track.

Remove agent: In the unfortunate case that it becomes necessary, supervisors can remove agents from conversation as a form of damage control.

Chat transcript review: Regular reviews of chat transcripts can help management keep standards high and locate problematic language or behavior as it arises.

Reporting: Reports help management evaluate agent performance and monitor chat quality through key performance indicators (KPIs). Postchat surveys can collect customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), which indicate an agent’s ability to consistently maintain positive interactions with customers over time.

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