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Top 7 Customer Service Complaints & How Omnichannel Customer Engagement Can Resolve Them

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Complaint #4

Repeating Oneself

“When I’m transferred between agents, I hate having to repeat myself all over again.”

Sometimes it’s inevitable. You did everything right, and yet you have to transfer a customer to another representative.

As explained in the point above, customer handoffs are very sensitive transactions and missing the mark can do irreversible damage to customer loyalty and retention. One of the core reasons for this customer dissatisfaction stems from being forced to repeat themselves – and it’s easy to understand why. After going through all the effort to introduce their problem to one agent, a handoff to another can feel like starting from scratch. At that point, your customer may begin to wonder: what’s the difference between talking to a live agent versus dealing with a misleading IVR feature?

For customers, having to repeat themselves reflects a disjointed effort to understand their needs. Make no mistake: your customers need to know they are being listened to and their time is valued. Your bottom line depends on it.


The interconnectivity of omnichannel support means that customer service representatives will have access to full conversation histories across all channels. This information is clearly displayed in one place in an easy-to-access interface, granting agents a 360-degree view of customer data. This eliminates the need for customers to rehash their issues, as agents can instantly access case information thanks to centralized customer data entered by the previous agent – or chatbot.

Customer service agents can also see additional information with a CRM integration, such as purchase history, location, and web visits. This creates a “crystal ball” effect, in which agents can quickly anticipate customer needs and help strengthen long-term customer relations through targeted sales and marketing.

Comm100 Agent Console

Comm100 Agent Console showing full contact information

If a customer has repeatedly demonstrated a specific communication preference, omnichannel solutions make it possible to honor that customer’s preference too. For example, if a customer has rejected your company’s chatbot three times in a row, you can set a routing rule dictating that the next time they log into live chat, they will automatically be routed to a live agent. Remember that it’s just as annoying for customers to repeat “no” and reenact frustrating patterns of engagement as it is for them to resubmit information.

Pro Tip

While it’s true that omnichannel facilitates up-sales and cross-sales, it’s important to make sure that any sales attempts are intended to help the customer, and are made at the right time. If the customer has reached out with a customer service complaint, for example, trying to sell an add-on will likely come off as tone-deaf, and rejecting these attempts will be just as grating to customers as having to repeat themselves.

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