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Top 7 Customer Service Complaints & How Omnichannel Customer Engagement Can Resolve Them

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Omnichannel is the Solution

Omnichannel customer engagement is the solution to your top customer complaints

In our digital-first marketplace, channels grow and evolve at an extraordinary rate. The potential to grow with these channels and to connect with customers in new and exciting ways is vast–but it also creates more opportunities for missed connections with your customers. This is the risk and reward of the ever-expanding digital frontier. It’s as exciting for organizations as it is challenging.

Addressing these issues successfully requires a strategy that comes from the ground up – no customer support system can work without a solid and unified foundation. If implemented correctly, a digital omnichannel solution is the real key to extraordinary CX success: it pulls together communication and information from every key digital channel to create an accessible and personalized connection with the customer.

While we hope this eBook has provided valuable and actionable insight, this is really just the tip of the omnichannel iceberg. Excellent omnichannel support requires significant planning, strategy, and implementation. To learn how to deploy a successful and customeroriented omnichannel solution, or to take yours to the next level, read our eBook, Mastering Omnichannel CX: A Success Guide. This will take you through the process step-by-step.

Remember: so many customer complaints and issues stem from how they are experiencing your customer support from the outside. But if your team, channels, and systems are unified from within, you empower your organization to be more helpful, accessible and genuine – which is, after all, all your customers really want.

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