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Top 7 Customer Service Complaints & How Omnichannel Customer Engagement Can Resolve Them

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Complaint #6

Limited Agent Availability

“I want to speak to an agent when it suits me – having to contact them during their specific hours is frustrating.”

The issue with even the most perfect CX strategy is that without adequate omnichannel support, it fails as soon as support goes offline. Customers have a range of variables affecting their lives and dictating their schedules, and on a personal level, many of us can understand. Going to the bank or picking up kids from school can be a monumental task for anyone working 9 to 5. You may not feel that your company can provide 24/7 support, but from a customer’s perspective, it’s essential that you do.

According to Edna Keneally of West Unified Communications, 74% of surveyed consumers are frustrated by support only available during working hours. Even if you have multiple channels of support, if they are distinct and unconnected, a customer will still experience similar roadblocks to resolution. This means that investments in multichannel support could be underserving your CX strategy, and as a result your team is underperforming in key areas of customer satisfaction.


It may seem that short of hiring live agents round the clock, you won’t be able to resolve this customer demand. But with omnichannel support, your knowledge base and chatbot can be available 24/7 to answer questions and provide advanced support.

Comm100’s AI Chatbot harnesses the world’s most advanced NLP engine so that it can understand your customers’ goals and provide the answers they’re looking for. Better still, add a large range of off-the-shelf integrations to this, and the Comm100 bot can begin performing actions on behalf of your customers – from tracking an order, to paying a bill, to booking a flight – at all hours of the day.

Companies can deploy chatbots on their website, mobile apps, SMS, and social media platforms, meaning that they can be available for customers on their platform of choice. They are always on the clock, and unlike live agents, chatbots can handle an infinite number of customer conversations simultaneously.

As their abilities grow, chatbots are handling more and more queries from start to finish, without any agent intervention. Comm100’s 2020 Live Chat Benchmark revealed that last year, chatbots handled 68.9% of their chats from start to finish. This marked a promising 260% increase in end-to-end chatbot resolution from the year before: great news for teams looking for cost-effective and impactful 24/7 support.

If a chatbot is unable to handle a customer’s query while agents are offline, an integrated knowledge base will point customers to relevant self-service options. In the rare event that a customer cannot be served through a chatbot, offline messaging features act as the last in after-hours defense. Offline messaging drops requests into tickets for agents to follow-up when they are back online. They can also enable email notification for offline messages, putting the customer request front-and-center and making it top of mind.

It can also be difficult for companies to manage shifts and ensure that customers aren’t left hanging when an agent clocks off at the end of the day. With an omnichannel platform, an agent who works at night, for example, can easily pick up the conversation an agent was having before they logged off for the day. Whether your agents are working remotely from home or across the world to serve your customers, omnichannel gives them the context that they need to deliver caring, personalized, and consistent customer service.

Pro Tip

A customer who sends you an email has a different response time in mind than a customer who reaches out on social media or live chat. By setting different SLAs per channel, you can prioritize and distribute queries effectively while meeting customer expectations.

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