The Live Chat and Chatbot Guide for Higher Education

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Chapter 5

Stepping up a gear with Omnichannel

The ability to connect with students is crucial to developing relationships and improving the probability that they choose to enroll with you. It’s also vital to keeping them. Student drop-out is a huge issue across states and countries, and it has a huge impact on an institutions’ bottom-line. A study by Stanford showed that a student who leaves before graduating can cost an institution up to $40,000.

And while today’s students are digital-first, this doesn’t just mean that they prefer to connect with educational institutions through digital channels. This means that they have access to various digital channels and expect to be able to connect with them across all these channels – whether that’s live chat, email, social media (like Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat), or even SMS.

To make sure that prospective and current students can easily connect with them on whatever channel they prefer, education institutions must therefore seek out a digital omnichannel customer engagement platform that empowers this.

Omnichannel customer engagement conveniently unites conversations from every digital channel into a single agent console. Here, agents have access to a student’s entire history whether they are reaching out via live chat, SMS, email, messaging, or social media. This makes sure agents never lose the conversation thread, creating a cohesive experience for the student, as well as receiving genuine and personalized support.

With such high levels of competition within education, allowing students to connect how and when they want is more vital than ever.

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