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The Guide to Live Chat and AI Chatbots for Healthcare


CX Excellence & Recurring Revenue - The Guide to Live Chat and AI Chatbots for Healthcare

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There’s more to come with a digital consumer experience

Delivering great customer service is a challenge in every industry. When it comes to healthcare, accessibility, privacy, and personalization raise the bar even higher.

Live chat and chatbots don’t stop there; AI is already deeply impacting the agent experience, leading to the rise of the super-agent. These developments will continue to influence how healthcare providers reach and engage their customers – and organizations need to shape up or risk falling behind.

While consumer preferences are largely the reason for this massive shift in behavior, the benefits for healthcare providers, no matter the size, are undeniable. Live chat and chatbots are helping healthcare providers deliver service and support that are more convenient, more helpful, and tailored to each individual consumer’s needs and how they prefer to communicate today. The result: improved execution and greater loyalty.

Developing an implementation plan is just the start. Healthcare providers need to keep these benchmarks and strategies for improvement presented in this report in mind as they grow and scale their digital consumer experience strategy. Of course, protecting ePHI will also remain paramount.

The most successful healthcare providers are those that provide the best care experiences, not just those who are the best at curing illness. With the ability to create real- time, personalized interactions whenever and wherever consumers want, live chat and chatbots can create the experiences they demand while meeting the evolving business requirements of healthcare providers.

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