The Definitive Guide to Social Media Customer Service

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Customer Service

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Social media and customer service have become an integral partner in customer support, but venturing into this space can be a minefield for many businesses. Not only do you need to figure out why you want to do customer service over social media and set yourself KPIs to track, you’ll also need to work out a process for social media engagement and train your staff on effective social media use.

Our eBook has you covered. It’s not called a “definitive” guide for nothing – we’ve explained every possible consideration that you’ll need to take into account, whether you’re setting up social media support for a small business for the first time, or if you’d simply like to brush up on your existing social media customer service for the enterprise brand. Wherever you are on this journey, this eBook will teach you the social media customer service best practices.

The chapters contained within this eBook are:

  • 9 Unmissable Reasons Why You Need to Care about Social Media Customer Service
  • You Need a Jointly Owned Social Media Customer Service Strategy ASAP – Here’s Why
  • The Top Social Media Goals and Marketing Strategies for Successful Teams
  • Social Media Training Activities and Marketing Courses You Never Realized Your Team Needed
  • 5 Social Media Customer Service and Marketing Secrets from the Pros
  • Don’t Try This at Work: 15 Bad Social Media Business Examples to Avoid at All Costs

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