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Mastering Omnichannel CX

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Chapter 10

Measure success and prove ROI with omnichannel customer support reporting

After you have implemented digital omnichannel, look back at your goals and benchmarks in Chapter 4.

Sales and marketing goals, along with associated pipeline and revenue, are most likely to be found and reported through your CRM. A proper integration between your CRM and customer engagement platform, paired with the use of channel-specific UTMs in referral links, reveals the full picture of how your omnichannel solution impacted your sales and marketing goals including:

  • Revenue, AUM, Pipeline, MQLs, Leads: How much of these metrics were generated by the customer service team? Which engagement channels seem to be the best lead or revenue generators?
  • Share of Wallet: Have you been able to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities with existing customers using the digital omnichannel solution?
  • Customer Churn: Has your customer churn rate reduced? Are customers who engage with you on one or more channel at a lower risk of churning?

Customer success metrics should be readily available to define, track, and measure right in your customer engagement platform. Your omnichannel solution should offer extensive reporting, making it easy to see how far you’ve come. These should include:

  • Conversational Conversions: You should be able to define and track conversation conversions in your customer engagement Ask yourself: Did your conversion rate on these channels from conversations to a sale, demo, or other key milestone increase?
  • Customer Satisfaction: You should be able to set up post-chat surveys across all channels to measure Ask yourself: Did your CSAT improve? How does CSAT compare between channels? How does bot CSAT compare to agent CSAT
  • Customer Effort Score, Net Promoter Score: This can be asked in a post-chat survey across all Ask yourself: Did your CES or NPS improve? Do customers feel that you’re providing them with a more convenient experience and would they recommend you to others?
  • First Contact Resolution: Your agents, chatbots, or customers should be able to mark whether a query was resolved or not in your console. Ask yourself: Has your FCR rate improved? Or do customers still have to come back repeatedly for one answer?
  • Handle Time: Your handle time doesn’t immediately paint a picture of “good” or “bad” service without further A long handle time could mean a frustrating experience, or a highly personalized, pleasant one for the customer. Handle times might also differ across channels, such as live chat vs. video chat. Ask yourself: Has your handle time gone down? And how does that relate to customer satisfaction?
  • Time in Motion: Ask yourself: Has the amount of time your customers spend getting transferred increased or decreased? With intelligent routing, you can expect your time in motion to
  • Chatbot Success Rate. Ask yourself: Have your chatbots been able to handle and resolve more queries on their own, now that they have been deployed across all channels and equipped with KB and other responses?
  • Agent Churn Rate and Morale: Every growing or mature customer service center should have the means to evaluate agent retention and satisfaction. Ask yourself: Did your agent churn rate decrease and agent morale scores increase? When talking to your agents, do they seem happier doing their jobs?

Comm100 offers reports that can be viewed by channel, agent, department, campaign, and visitor segment. Companies can view which departments or agents garner the highest CSAT ratings, best adhere to SLAs, and handle the largest workload.

Users of Comm100 can also track conversions by defining website actions they consider valuable, whether that be a content download, sign up, or purchase, and track which agents are best at influencing these actions. Each action can be scored so that the conversion report will tell you which agents are generating the most or least value.

Digital omnichannel reporting helps you assess whether a campaign or visitor segment is working as expected. Comm100’s conversion analytics helps you connect the dots between your conversations and conversions. See which interactions inspired customers to take a desired action, such as making a purchase, signing up for an account, downloading a content offer, watching a video, and more. Conversion details such as an action name, conversion time and achieved dollar value are captured in each chat transcript to help you keep track. Tie this back to proving your team’s ROI.

Pro Tip

It’s always important to iterate your goals for the next period based on what you achieved and learned. Put what you’ve learned from your reporting back into your processes and use it to improve and inform your future goals.

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