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Mastering Omnichannel CX

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A final note on omnichannel

Advances in technology have created a plethora of digital channels that humans use to engage with each other every day. For organizations, these disparate channels can be hard to manage and reconcile when mapping their customers’ journey and building an effective customer service strategy. A digital omnichannel solution breaks down the barriers between channels so you can deliver truly seamless, exceptional customer experiences.

Deploying a comprehensive, customer-oriented digital omnichannel solution is a big undertaking that requires thoughtful planning and execution. This ebook was written to provide a wealth of advice on how to optimize digital omnichannel engagement for your organization. From assessing your needs to choosing the right platform to establishing and measuring your KPIs, hopefully you’ve picked up some useful tips.

One final word of advice: start small. Begin your digital omnichannel initiative by onboarding a small portion of your agents first. Add just a couple of channels to start and a few basic routing rules. If you are adding AI for the first time and are nervous about launching a chatbot after you think (but don’t know) that you’ve programmed it to respond to all intents, start by letting your chatbot interact with just 10 percent of your website visitors and see how it performs.

Leave some room for trial and error as you figure out which practices work best within your own organization. Break up the tasks and best practices outlined in this ebook into smaller goals over time. A minimum viable product will already be an improvement and you can grow from there.

Once you have proven success, even on a small scale, reiterate and roll it out to the next part of the business until your entire Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing teams are on the same page. It may take some time, but once you get there, it will be worth it for the unified customer insights, experience, and accelerated growth.

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