The Top Ten Ways That Live Chat Can Increase Sales

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Chapter 5

Turn One Employee into Four

The best way to convert a sale is through one-on-one contact. However, that’s not the only value of personalized, conversational, one-on-one interaction. When you create a personalized and caring sales or customer service experience via live chat, users start to feel a relationship develop with your company. These sorts of relationships don’t happen with generic email templates or through flashy banners on a website.

When you add live chat to your site, you open the door to increasing the amount of one-onone contact with your visitors. Not only will that boost your sales conversions, but it will help you foster customer loyalty. Loyal customers are the best source of brand advocacy for your company, promoting it to others through positive reviews and recommendations, and other forms of word-of-mouth advertising.

How can you make this happen?

While a great deal of the value in live chat is in its ability to be efficient through scripts and canned responses, finding a balance between that efficiency and allowing your customer service or sales representatives to express their personality is the key to an optimal live chat program. Train your live chat agents to walk that line and select live chat agents who conduct themselves well over chat format. Encourage them to satisfy customers using the right tone of voice. This may include using conversational rather than stiff, formal sentences, and applying the occasional smiley faces and exclamation point to convey positivity and warmth. Also, you can take the simple step of ensuring that your live chat agents use personalized sign-offs and greetings.

It’s very easy to create a live chat program that sounds like it is entirely a copy and paste job from a script. Not only will your customers pick up on that, but you’ll also lose a huge advantage of live chat if you strip it of its personalization. A good way to get live chat agents to create more human live chat experiences is to have them practice chatting with each other. Because agents may be more casual in a simulated live chat, that tone and friendliness will spill over into their actual work chats. When training, take examples of live chats that do a good job of balancing professional responses with positive human connection, and use them as samples in your live chat training sessions.

Ten Ways to Increase Sales

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